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Re: Help Getting Root's email to recipient

Am So, den 17.04.2005 schrieb Claude Jones um 15:06:

> > I don't think you need all that. If you have sendmail running, just
> >
> > do, in your root home folder:
> > > echo me-user myemailaddress com > .forward
> >
> > this should automatically forward all root mail to
> > me-user myemailaddress com 
> >
> I just implemented this and it works great. I have one question: Does this 
> command set up this forwarding permanently, or does it have to be run each 
> time I restart the computer? 

If you don't delete the .forward file, it will stay.
> Claude Jones

Be aware that if you don't have a resolvable FQDN for your Sendmail host
the mail has a high chance to be rejected by the MX host of the
recipient address. To avoid that use the smart host setting in


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