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Re: Boot from ICH6R Intel Software SATA Raid? ... solution.

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Keith G. Robertson-Turner wrote:

> Well I'm back after a long absence, mainly work related, but also due to
> a hardware upgrade that has effectively left me Linux-less ...

I've just tried this Live CD, which is Gentoo based, and put simply ...
it works.


I'm now looking at rolling a custom boot/setup CD, initrd and GRUB
install script for FC4t1.

> Another issue is the DVD drives.

SATA CD/DVD drives is still an ongoing issue, however. For now you will
need an IDE/SCSI optical drive to boot off, at least for the install.

> So, my questions:


> 4) ... Will FC4 be prepped and ready for this type of install?

This is the bit relevant to the devel list.

I believe it should be offered as a separate option, since this is all
still officially "unstable" - i.e. - a mini-CD for installing on
fakeraid systems. Thoughts?

> 5) ... Are there any "Live" distros that include dmraid (Knoppix doesn't
> - AFAICT)?


> 7) ... What kernel parameters do I need to pass, to enable the SATA DVD
> drives to work properly, or is it the case that this doesn't work yet?

The latter, I'm afraid. This is a matter for upstream - i.e. kernel dev.

> I don't want to get sidetracked by the alternatives (3ware, PATA,
> raidtools, mdadm, etc.), I am fully aware of them.

Software raid is still the best way, IMHO, however - not for dual boot
systems on the same array - obviously. Especially in a small enclosure
where real estate for drives is limited. We definitely need the dmraid

> I haven't had a working Linux system for some time, and I'm anxious to
> get back to working on Tripwire, amongst other things.
> If it comes down to it, I can always resurrect the dinosaur from cold
> storage, in order to get a working Linux system, but space is limited;
> it was beginning to pack up (SCSI controller dying); it's dog slow, pig
> ugly, noisy; huge; and the very reason I bought a new system in the
> first place. I'd really rather just ditch it.

As you can see, I have the motivation, but unfortunately not much time.
My work overseas keeps me almost constantly occupied. IOW .. *help!!!*.


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