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On Saturday 16 April 2005 13:43, Kevin wrote:
> Anyone know how to restore the default window settings
> to Konqueror (in file browsing mode).  For some reason
> the file tree window refuses to resize, it keeps
> flicking back to sull screen.  I want the default
> devices list on the left, with the filesystem view on
> the right.  I tried all the settings I can find but it
> still keeps doing it!
> Thanks......KEv :)
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In Konqueror, set up the window the way you like it (size, split-screens, 
start location, etc.), then go to Settings>Save view profile  or 
Settings>configure view profiles

This will store the settings for that view profile.  I used this to set the 
web browsing to open up yahoo as my start page for the web and a few other 

Jeff Lee

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