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Re: Help Getting Root's email to recipient

Am So, den 17.04.2005 schrieb Claude Jones um 16:32:

> Hope this is not straying too far off subject, but you raise some thoughts. By 
> implication, I guess the fact that my ISP's mail servers are accepting my 
> forwarded sendmails is an indication that their mail servers are 
> mal-configured? I'm doing a fairly simple thing - I run a script every five 
> minutes; it starts up sendmail; it then runs a little script called gotmail 
> which goes out to my hotmail account and forwards, then deletes, all messages 
> in that account; once the hotmail actions are complete, the last command is 
> to stop sendmail. This generates a flood of chron-job mail messages to root 
> which I alias to myself, then use the .forward to send to my regular email 
> account where it's easy to filter and delete them automatically. 

While I do not fully understand what you are doing there with the
script, I think you should spent some efforts to improve the script or
mechanism to not produce the amount of unwanted cronjob messages. Sound
like big nonsense to run a script every 5 minutes which produces a bunch
of error mail messages, then to forward them to a different account
where to silently delete them. Be friendly to your and your internet
partner (ISP et al.) resources.

> Anyway, all this by saying that the messages appear to be coming from 
> root viewridgeproductions com to my ISP's mail server, but that's not a 
> registered domain, so no possibility of reverse look-up. So, I'm assuming 
> that ISP's try to resolve addresses of mail that's coming in, and bounce 
> unresolvable addresses, as a safety practice? Do I have this all right? And 
> if they're not doing this, what does it mean if they are permitting mail 
> that's coming from unresolvable addresses....

You are correct, that not accepting mail by unresolvable domain
addresses reduces spam.


See how that feature is commented in the sendmail.mc Fedora's Sendmail
is shipping with:

dnl # We strongly recommend not accepting unresolvable domains if you
want to
dnl # protect yourself from spam. However, the laptop and users on
dnl # that do not have 24x7 DNS do need this.
dnl #
dnl FEATURE(`accept_unresolvable_domains')dnl

> Claude Jones


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