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nvidia fails, nvidia.ko not in right place?

I upgraded to 2.6.11-1.14_FC3

Then pulled over the latest nvidia driver: NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-7174-pkg1.run

It installed correctly, no error messages. But on restart, it failed to find the nvidia.ko file
so did not install the driver:
/var/log/messages: Checking for nvidia kernel module failed

This was working just fine with my previous FC3 kernel, so I looked in the modules folder:

Noticed that nvidia.ko was in the video/nvidia/ directory - it was not in the video/ directory itself, which is where the file ended up after running the NVIDIA driver install.

I created a folder video/nvidia, and copied the above file over, rebooted, and all is fine.

Is this a bug in the NVIDIA driver install, or in the 2.6.11-1.14_FC3 install?
Not sure if I should report this, but sending this email in case anyone has suggestions for a better fix.

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