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Re: Multiple NICs configuration

Am So, den 17.04.2005 schrieb Corey um 19:30:

> I have 2 NICs in my server.  One has an external IP address for my web
> hosting and email server.  I'd like to configure the other one for an
> internal address for use with Samba.  Can this be done?  The problem I've
> run into when I do this is Apache and Sendmail start listening on this NIC
> #2 and 'ignoring' the NIC #1.  Does anyone have experience with this?

> Corey

Sure is this possible. Just setup the second NIC and tell Apache2 and
Sendmail to not bind to this IP:

Apache2 -> Listen directive in httpd.conf
Sendmail -> DAEMON_OPTIONS directive in sendmail.mc

I just wonder about your comment, both daemons would only bind to the
NIC #2 (private address space). This is nothing from default. If in
doubt post your /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth{0,1} config


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