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Re: Help Getting Root's email to recipient

Am So, den 17.04.2005 schrieb Claude Jones um 21:52:

> Ok, I did as you suggested, but I'm still getting the messages, but, with a 
> twist - this is the latest:
> Starting sendmail: [  OK  ]
> Starting sm-client: [  OK  ]
> Shutting down sendmail: [  OK  ]
> Shutting down sm-client: [  OK  ]

[ snipped a lot of stuff ]

You should better paraphrase such things. What do you want to tell
me/us? That you now just get the Sendmail service start and stop
messages and no longer the activity reports by gotmail? Then this is

> So, I guess my next question relates to your comment about Matthew's comment 
> about not stop/starting sendmail. I had done this because I had read that 
> this service should be kept off to improve security. I thought I was being 
> clever, but, I gather you/Matthew are saying this isn't an issue?  Should I 
> take any security measures regarding sendmail if I turn it on permanently? 

Yes, leave Sendmail running. The default configuration limit its binding
to localhost only. So what kind of security do you think to gain when
shutting it down?

> Claude Jones


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