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Re: web surfing supremely slow on Fedora 3

So, I'm thinking now that the problem was Verizon
related because before I made any changes, the problem
got better.  But just for kicks, I tried this
solution, which seemed to have no effect on the speed.
 I'm assuming that this FAQ is relevant to Mozilla 5.0
even tho it doesn't state the version because I don't
know how to tell that the version of firefox I'm using
uses ipv6 v. ipv4.  So, I'm happy that my connection
is fine, but not so happy that I don't know why it was
bad to start with...

Thanks for pointing me to the FAQ tho.  Hoping it will
come in handy for some other issues before I go
posting to this list again without reading the FAQ.

--- Alexander Dalloz <ad+lists uni-x org> wrote:

> http://www.fedorafaq.org/fc2/#mozillaipv6
> Does that help?
> Alexander

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