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Re: Problem with CD drive

--- Diego Ruiz <diego ruiz ietcat org> wrote:
> On Wed, 2005-04-13 at 18:19 +0900, Diego Ruiz wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've just full installed Fedora 3.
> Ntwithstanding that in my previous installation
> (Fedora 2) the "CD
> Player" was working properly, now, when I introduce
> a music CD,
> the "CD Player" opens and the window gives a "drive
> error" message.
> I've checked whether the CD-ROM drive can read data
> cd's and there
> are not problems.  Additionally, I've tested the
> sound card and it
> is also working alright!
> I've also installed the updates (gnome media) as
> suggested by Gary
> and the CD Player is reporting the same "drive
> error".
> The "Soundcard Detection Tool" gives the following
> result: 
> Model: Corporation M5451 PCI AC-Link Controller
> Audio Devide
> Module: snd-ali5451
> I would realy appreciate any further help,
> Diego

did you try using cdplay and seeing what errors you

i had a similar problem and found this:


basically it has you do this as root.

$>  yum update udev

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