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Re: Release Notes - kernel

On 4/17/05, Birt, Jeffrey <birtj umr edu> wrote:
> If your wanting to build the kerel from RPM sources you don't rally need to do this.  Alexander Dalloz was kind enough to explain it to me in this thread: 'Re: patching FC3 kernel' check the archives.  The jist of it is that after installing the source kernel (which gets installed to /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES), you copy your patches into the same folder and modify the kernel-2.6.spec file which lives here /usr/src/redhat/SPECS.  After this is done you just do a  rpmbuild -ba --target=i686 kernel-2.6.spec and your kernel rpm is build ans put in /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i686.  Then just do a normal rpm kernal install (and grub is automatically updated too).
> Alexander was kind enough to show how to add new configuration setting to the config files.  I'm not sure how this whole method would work if you were wanting to use xconfig or something to modify the config file.
> Jeff Birt


Thanks for pointing out "Patching FC3 Kernel" thread.  I've made a note
of it for later reference.

My immediate goal is not as complicated as a Kernel Patch, but it's
turning out to be very very difficult.  All I want to do it update a single
module that is part of the kernel.  It's called - ati_remote.

Even though the Release Notes make the claim that you do not need
the kernel source to update a module, the Notes fail to explain that
if you want to update a module that is part of the Kernel Source,
then YOU MUST get and install the kernel's src.rpm.

So, I tried to follow the section called 'kernel' in the Release Notes,
but it is incomplete and just left me so, so confused.  I tried this process
once before last November, and ended up re-building ALL the modules
instead of just the single one to which I had applied a patch.  SO I gave
up.  Now, I am so motivated to get the ATI Remote Wonder adjusted
with a few changes to the table of Key Codes, I am asking for help both
here and in the MythTV discussion for some simple, clear step(s) that
will let me do

#make modules
#make modules_install

and have just the single element, ati_remote, recompiled
and installed so that the ATI Remote works reasonably.

Thanks again for your help.


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