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Re: Wireless sources?

On Sat, Apr 16, 2005 at 03:40:21PM -0700, Don Russell wrote:
> Are there any wireless PC Cards (for laptops), preferably 54g cards that 
> have Linux drivers? Everything I find refers to using Windows drivers 
> with ndiswrapper or similar. I already have a Linksys WPC54g card I 
> can't get working, so...
> I bought a Linksys WPC11 card because it has native Linux drivers for 
> it. (I really want a 54g card, but at least the WPC11 card has Linux 
> drivers from Linksys)
> HOWEVER, when I got the darn thing home and opened it, there was an 
> explanation saying "The WPC11 Ver 4 card is a high performance wireless 
> card and therefore would not work with Windows NT..." (and other stuff).
> (Well, I had to laugh at the wording.. but that's another story)
> Unfortunately the WPC11 Ver 4 does *not* have Linux drivers like the 
> WPC11 ver 3 card.
> The good news is there was an addendum packaged with the card that 
> explained the ver4 card could be exchanged for a ver3 card and all would 
> be well.
> The phone number they gave was for "customer service"... but they knew 
> NOTHING about being able to exchange the card and after many phone calls 
> and many e-mails, I finally just returned the card to the store and got 
> my money back. (I'd have exchanged it at the store, but the store only 
> had ver 4 cards)
> Anyway...
> I'm really not up to installing the ndiswrapper stuff, and from I can 
> tell that requires kernel source updates... I don't want to patch the 
> kernel every time there's an update. Fedora has a very short release 
> cycle, I don't want to be doing that sort of thing every few months. 
> More frequently actually, because the kernel gets periodic updates 
> between Fedora releases too.
> Also, I don't want to support the ndiswrapper concept... if I wanted to 
> run Windows software, that's what I'd run.... and as long as the 
> manufactures of these cards know their Windows drivers can  be used on 
> Linux, why should they release Linux drivers?
> I encourage ndiswrapper users to contact the customer support people for 
> their wireless cards card and ask about Linux drivers.... MAYBE if 
> enough people ask, they'll do it.

Cards using the Ralink rt2500 chipset should be able to work with native
open source linux drivers. See http://rt2x00.serialmonkey.com.

I'm using an ASUS WL107G using this chip and the serialmonley driver.
Drivers are still under heavy development but I managed to get it working
with 128 bit WEP. However WPA seems to crash my Fedora setup (rawhide).

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