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Re: Evolution and posting to usenet

Paul wrote:

> Okay, someone point at me and laugh. How on earth do I post to usenet
> via Evolution?

Didn't laugh; we all have to start somewhere.

AFAICR (and it has been a while now), Evolution is an Email *only*
client, unlike, say, Thunderbird, which does SMTP & NNTP.

My current (when I have a working Linux box) Newsreader is Pan:


But given it's development stagnation, I'd have to recommend TBird, I
guess. On XP I use TBird mainly, but XNews for binaries. Multipart
binary (and yenc) handling is severely lacking under Linux ATM. Any of
the established OSS Newsreaders should be fine for standard Usenet text
articles though.

Since you *do* seem to be a Usenet virgin, I should add that you will
*need* a Usenet account. Ask your ISP if they provide one as standard
(and while you're at it, ask them how you set it up - i.e. the server
address etc.). If not, then you'll have to pay for an account somewhere.
Supernews and Giganews are the big two. Then again, you can access
Usenet via Google groups, but other than for research purposes, I've
never tried that. I presume there is some signup process with Google,
but I've not looked into it (I don't really like web interfaces to
things like Email and News).

I'd also strongly advise you to read through this:


Good luck.


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