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Re: FC3 on MS Virtual PC 2004

Mohamed Zubaidi - Abu Dhabi wrote:
Hi all,

Was anyone lucky enough to install Fedora Core 3 on Microsoft Virtual PC? I know this is critical to lot of organizations such as ours.

I tried installing it but kept receiving errors about the hard disk driver.

Please note that I was able to install practically all other Linux distributions with no troubles so I guess I’m missing something here.

Any advice would be highly appreciated,

I tried and and got it installed OK. However, upon reboot, I got the tty respawning thing that I read about quite often. After going through some google articles and trying a few things it just became to hard.

Wiped it and installed Mandrake 10.1 without a hitch.

Haven't got sound to work yet though. The articles on Microsoft's site regarding this don't work. In fact I even tried SUSE and Debian and can't get sound to work even though it's supposed to emulate an ISA SB16.

I can live without sound.


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