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Re: Firewall Questions

On Wed, 2005-04-13 at 14:00 +0100, Loki Choggio wrote:
> > > For several years now I've been using the Astaro
> > Firewall solution for my home 
> > > network (http://www.astaro.com/).
> Sounds like overkill for a home network.
> > > I would like to find a tool capable of the
> > following:
> > > 1. the ability to act as a domain firewall (maybe
> > domain is not the correct 
> > > term?) with the ability to serve up IP's for the
> > users behind the firewall 
> > > and provide access both to the internet and to
> > each other within the network
> > > 
> > > 2. The ability to provide some sort of surf
> > content filtering to keep my 
> > > teenagers from being exposed to crap via the web
> > > 
> Open source now! Go for smoothwall with a content
> filtering solution like dans guardian. Smoothwall have
> an open source and a paid version so I'm sure they can
> accomodate your needs.
> By the way an unused fedora box with squid, selinux
> protection and iptables will do a good job. There are
> plugins available for squid.

fwbuilder is a good option for maintaing iptables, but there is also
shorewall which is a pretty comprehensive fw solution based on iptables.


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