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Re: Ad Zapping with Squid

On 18Apr2005 06:55, David Niemi <drn_temp2 rogers com> wrote:
| I have a PC running Smoothwall http://smoothwall.org/ at the moment
| which I am thinking of changing over to FC3 / 4.  I am going to try and
| set the PC up somewhat similar to my Smoothwall installation.
| On thing I run on the Smoothwall box is adzap.
| http://adzapper.sourceforge.net/ . In conjunction with Squid this
| software removes web page adds
| It is distributed under the BSD licence with Australian government
| censorship qualifiers.  I have done some quick checking and can't find
| an rpm for this so I am going to try setting this up in the next couple
| days from the tar ball.
| Has anyone successfully installed this on FC3?
| Anything I should watch out for?

It runs just fine on FC3 (that's what I run).

Make sure you install squid (rpm) when you install Fedora.
Install the zapper as per the instructions (i.e. copy the script somewhere
like /usr/local/bin, chmod a+rx the script, add config line to squid.conf).

The formal installation instructions are here:



Any difficulties, ask me.

Disclaimer: I'm the author.

Apology: the lack of RPM is my fault. I was sent a .spec file long ago and
still haven't made the time to implement it.

Cameron Simpson <cs zip com au> DoD#743

Disclaimer:  "It's mine! All mine!"  - D. Duck

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