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Re: permission synchronization between FC3 and Windows XP

Eric Mitch wrote:

I have set up a mount between my FC3 server and my Windows XP machine. I created a symlink from a directory back to my XP server which I can ls fine copy files back and forth. My issue is, the symbolic link falls within a directory I server out my Apache 2.0 web server. The issue is a cant browse through to my XP server. I have made sure the /mnt/dir and symbolic link are owned by apache and apache is in root group. Apache has also been configured to Follow Symbolic Links.

The error I am getting in apache is:

[client] PHP Warning: is_dir(): Stat failed for /var/www/html/netjuke/var/music/musicfiles (errno=13 - Permission denied) in /var/www/html/netjuke/admin/file-browser.php on line 232, referer: http://supergsego.com:81/netjuke/admin/index.php

Any help with this would be appreciated.

This is unlikely to work if you have SELinux enabled because the files shared from XP won't have the right security context. If SELinux is the problem, you should be able to see SELinux errors in /var/log/messages on the web server when you try to access those files.


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