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Anyone have a clue as to why my USB mouse stops
working every so often?  It seems to be getting worse.
It was fine at first, then refused to work once a day,
now it's down to every 1 minute!  I unplug it and plug
it into the next USB slot and it works - for another
minute.  Nothing has changed on the computer and XP
works fine.  Also the soundcard chucks a spazzy every
so often, sometimes the sound is really fast, like the
Chipmonks, then it goes all choppy.  I have to turn
off and start again.  I'm wondering if this is an
interrupt problem.  The thing is that nothing has
changed in the last week since this started.

KEv :(

PS now I think about this, Konqueror seems to freeze
every now and then too, although it does the same
thing on my main server as well!

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