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Re: Printing from XP on FC3 servers (HP1010 and 2550 Printers) + NFS problem

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Livhu Tshisikule wrote:
| On Monday 18 April 2005 12:36, Roger Grosswiler wrote:
|>Livhu Tshisikule wrote:
|>>I have three FC3 Servers giving me some nightmares.
|>>The machines has been working for a while without any hassle. HP1010 is
|>>connected to host1 and HP2550 to host2 I used to print to both printers
|>>from my XP boxes without any problem. All of a sudden I could not print
|>>on HP1010 only from XP but from other Unix box it wasa fine. So I decided
|>>to share the printers on both machines and it works for some time then
|>>the HP2550 follows.
|>>On XP  --- Printers
|>>HP1010 on Host1 USB Connection
|>>HP1010 on Host2 Network to Host1
|>>HP2550 on Host1 Network to Host2
|>>HP2550 on Host2 USB Connection
|>>My third server FC3, has much bigger problem, it was also working for a
|>>long time. Now I cannot connect to it from other boxes only pinging to it
|>>works. the machine itself is up and running, I can browse on the
|>>internet, ssh to other machines, mount other directories from other
|>>boxes. Using lsof -i it shows that the services are running, sshd, nfs,
|>>samba etc
|>what is your printing app? cups? samba?
| Not. sure I have both cups and samba running on the machine. lsof -i
show both
| are running. To configure the printers, I used Gnome. I am also using
| to share directories with XP machines but that has never given me any
| problem.

OK, try this one, when you click on "New Printer" on the XP box to set
it up there, did you browse for the printer, or did you have to set it
up manually.

If you browsed, that is SAMBA.

- --------------------------
We run a limited number of XP boxes in our office, but we skip SAMBA
completely for printing on those machines.  XP supports IPP directly, so
~ the steps we use to get XP to print is as follows:

1) Start the new printer wizard on the XP box
2) Tell XP it is a network/Internet printer
3) Fill in the URL you would use to admin the printer in CUPS.

This url will generally be something like:

XP can then print directly though the Linux printer server without all
that kooky SMB networking getting in the way.  I have had odd errors
when using SAMBA, but none by printing direct using IPP.


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