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Configuring Multiple Ethernet Interfaces

I had seen this thread from a previous archive, and
had a follow on question..

I am running a HPdl380 with 2 onboard nics, and a quad
ethernet card which according to kudzu is an intel
chipset (using e100 driver 3.3).  Boot seems to get
the card fine, but when you try to assign an address
to it and bring the interface up, you get a
SIOCCFFLAGS: Connection timed out.

Anyone seen this error?  googling didnt turn up much
except orinoco config details, and nothing relating to
config of card.  Bad driver? bad card?



I can't recreate the configuration of network
interfaces after a FC1
install.  eth0 (built-in) has been identified and
configured correctly.
However, eth1 (built-in) and eth2-5 (a 4-port card)
are a mess.  Kudzu
doesn't detect everything properly at boot time. 
Furthermore, despite
deleting all devices (via the GUI config tool),
/etc/sysconfig/hwconf still
lists eth4 and eth5.  Yet,
/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts lists only eth0
and lo (good), and /etc/modules.conf lists only eth0
(good).  What gives?

What I want to be able to do is to keep the config for
eth0 and start fresh
with eth1-5.  For example, first I'd configure eth1
and test.  Then, I'd try
to configure the 4-port card (eth2-5).  Still very new
to linux
administration, I've been struggling to find a good
resource on how to
accomplish my goal.  I would greatly appreciate any
pointers on the proper
way to tell FC1 exactly what I want the details (card,
driver, assigned to
ethX, etc.) of the remaining interfaces to be.

Many thanks,

<<<<<<<<<<<<<   >>>>>>>>>>>>>
Craig Demyanovich
Software Developer
Apogent Technologies, Inc.
Tel:  269-544-7514
Fax:  269-544-7409
cdemyanovich @ apogent dot com

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