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Re: multimedia licensing

On Mon, 2005-04-18 at 17:59 -0600, kwhiskers wrote:

> I have raved about Linux, but I can't get anyone interested. 
are you sure that proselytizing is your role? 

the fact that they continue to use Windows is ok - you need to learn to
accept that what may be better for you might not be what they want, need
or will use

> These people do have a valid point, but only because proprietary
> formats are so ubiquitous.
some are ubiquitous. I think that much of the usage came from Microsoft
virtually giving away their software for years - of course, now, they
don't give it away but charge a premium for it and for that premium
price, you get a non-transferable, single install and the opportunity to
endless repurchase of a minimal use license...people aren't stupid -
they will figure out the relative value of this eventually.
>  I have noticed that, as fantastic as Koffice, Abiword and Open Office
> are, Powerpoint presentations don't display properly in them
> (sometimes one can get them to display as separate pages, but often
> either the text, images, sometimes both, are missing). Also, Excel
> files will usually display, but they rarely perform the calculations
> from cell to cell. Sometimes a Word document will either not open, or
> more frequently, the tables, image positioning, etc are all messed up.
> Even editing web pages made with Front Page are a nightmare to edit in
> Quanta or Mozilla Composer. The conversions just don't work 100%,
> except for the most basic of files.
Things are getting better all the time - install the Microsoft core
TrueType fonts for compatibility.

There are some spreadsheet functions in Excel that no program has
duplicated nor can adequately convert. Them is the breaks.


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