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RE: Sendmail problem

 >> I suppose the odd thing here is the "irvingd localhost localdomain".
 >> I can send successfully from another linux box, the logs are pretty 
 >> much identical (and the message is delivered). The only difference
 >> that the from address has the full box address 
 >> (from=<irvingd somebox co uk>).
 >> Could this be the reason why mail isn't going through?

> Yes. There have been a few threads on this exact issue this week. Most
> servers will not accept mail from unresolvable domains like

 >> Can anyone help me with any config changes I need to change to get 
 >> outgoing mail working?

> Make sure you have the sendmail-cf package installed and then look up 
> "masquerading" in /usr/share/sendmail-cf/README

> Paul.

Thanks Paul - Im going to have a good look in to this at the weekend and
get things set up a bit nicer. For now - I just ditched using DHCP for
this box and got myself a fixed IP / name.
Everything started working by <ignorance>magic</ignorance> :o)


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