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Re: How to disable or remove Up2date for good


It would seem to be to be the first step to happen, before suggesting it
should be filed.  If you just tell an inexperienced user to file a bug,
that is probably what they will do without looking.

bugzilla.redhat.com has the detailed instructions. If you are looking for ways to improve it, I would suggest writing a document and sending it to fedora-docs list

Dont expect anyone else to do that for
you. I cant really go in and do bugzilla searches everytime I make a
suggestion to file a report

If you are just going to suggest filing a bug, without looking to see if any similar bugs already exist, what are you adding to the discussion? I think it is understood that bugs and RFE's should be filed in bugzilla.

I have found that assumption to be false. Many users arent aware of the means to get the developers aware of the issues they face. This is just a quick suggestion on the right way


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