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Re: How to disable or remove Up2date for good

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
>> I think it's worth mentioning raising bugs because inexperienced users
>> might be under the impression that since this is an "official" fedora
>> list, it's monitored by the developers and they will fix problems raised
>> here, which is of course not the case.
>> Paul.
> Very few people can read all the mails in this high traffic list.

This is the third or forth time you have replied to one of my messages
with your "file it in bugzilla" template when the bug was already filed
(often, by me).  How does this help with the traffic of this list?

> Developers would just have to stop working on anything else if they try
> to answer user queries all the time.

Adding duplicate bug reports just eats up more time.  If you really feel a
person has found a bug, look to see if it has been filed.  If not, then
you can ask them to file it.  Otherwise you are saying that you are too
busy to deal with it, let the developer deal with the dups.

William Hooper

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