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Re: problem with yum update

Yuandan Zhang <yzhang4 turing une edu au> wrote:

 > Hi, I am usi ng yum to update some rpm for FC3 and got following warnings
 > what is the problem? how to fix?
 > Running Transaction
 > Updating: libgcc 100 % done 1/61
 > /sbin/ldconfig: File /usr/lib/libkabc_slox.so.0.0.0.#prelink#.f3SGCS is 
 > empty, not checked.
 > [...]

There may be a lot of reasons, but I got very similar error messages,
and it turned out that it's a bad idea to run yum/rpm while prelink
is running.

Since prelink is run via cron every night, chances are high that it
conflicts with a custom crontab entry for yum.

If this is your problem, it help to simply start yum at a different
time. On my PIII 600 MHz box, I've disabled prelink ("PRELINKING=no"
in "/etc/sysconfig/prelink") because there wasn't any noticable gain
in performance, but it slowed down the system a lot while it was
running. However, I'm confident that prelink does better on more
modern hardware. ;-)

	Greetings, Andreas

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