Can't Install on Dell with Adaptec U320 39320 SCSI

Miles Sabin miles at
Tue Apr 19 19:15:59 UTC 2005

Jeffery wrote,
> Does anyone have a working driver (or suggestions) for the Adaptec
> U320 39320 (aic7900) SCSI adapter (no raid) for FC3?  The one in the
> distribution does not work on my brand new Dell PowerEdge.  I can
> load enterprise 3 with the driver from the Dell website, but Fedora
> doesn't seem to recognize enterprise drivers (is that always the
> case?)

I had this recently with a Dell SC1425, and then again a couple of weeks 
ago with a Precision 670. The "solution" for the SC1425 was to remove 
the SCSI controller and install to a SATA drive instead.

Having done that, I discovered that recent FC3 update kernels recognized 
the controller quite happily, so for the Precision I built a fresh 
install image with an updated kernel roughly as described here,

A bit laborious despite taking some shortcuts (I used my existing FC3 
install CDs as the source, didn't build the SRPM ISOs, only burnt disk 
one and did a minimal install from that), but problem solved.

If you can cope with the bleeding edge an FC4 or Rawhide install should 
also be OK.



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