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Re: Building FC4test2 kernels

>  > I've downloaded and unpacked the FC4 source from the CVS 
> repository but I
>  > can't figure out how to build kernels from it.  All the 
> instructions I've
>  > seen are for building from kernel-source RPMs which 
> appears to be a different
>  > procedure.  I've searched the archives with no luck.  Are there any
>  > instructions out there on how to do this, or could someone 
> give me a few
>  > clues?
> If you get it from cvs, you should be able to just 'make 
> prep', and it'll
> download the necessary bits from kernel.org, apply the 
> patches, setup the
> configs, and leave the result in kernel-2.6.11/


Thanks, I'll try that sometime, but right now we have firewall issues that
make CVS inconvenient anyway.  I went with kernel.src.rpm and had no trouble
building a 1240 kernel.  But I'm having trouble with xen kernels.  I did (in
the right dirs):

rpm -Uvh xen-2-20050403.src.rpm
rpmbuild -bp --target=i386 xen.spec
cp /boot/config-2.6.11-1.1240-FC4xen0 .config

The make immediately complains about all the XEN config parameters
(nonexistent symbols), and then tries to run config which removes the XEN
parameters.  What am I missing?  I haven't been able to find any docs for
building xen targets.


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