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Re: Firefox crash

I would suggest testing with 5.0_02. You can set JAVA_PLUGIN_TRACE=1 in your environment and should get some diagnostics in a file created in your home directory.

In my time I have seen everything from real Java plugin bugs , to X/X11/Driver bugs to Firefox/mozilla bugs. The JVM will also try and create a core file and stack trace if it can, and really tries hard in 5.0 to give some diagnostics.

Why is the Java plugin more fragile? Well unlike some plugins Java is running as its desktop window aware application but using the canvas from firefox itself. One day I'll write down why Java (mistakenly) wanted to know about the desktop.


Scott Pearson wrote:

Julien Le Houérou wrote:

I met this issue under FC2, since upgrade to FC3 firefox does not crash anymore, anyway I encounter problems with java applets, I just can't type any text in text boxes, and most of time text in option lists does not display either... is it due to j2re and mozilla-j2re versions? I think they're 1.5.

Rodrigo wrote:

Sometimes Firefox crashes without any messages or log, and it is a very
annoying problem. Does anyone have this problem? I have read that it
could be a problem of X.org or Official Nvidia Driver, but I has not
find any solution.

My specs: Geforce 6600GT AGB, pentium IV, 1024 MB Ram, Fedora Core 3,
Firefox 1.0.2

Name : firefox Relocations: (not relocatable)
Version : 1.0.2 Vendor: Red Hat, Inc.
Release : 1.3.1


I think it actually has more to do with how Mozilla handles programming of Java applets when the websites use different versions of Java for their applets or use non-standard programming practices in their applets. Mozilla should not be quitting suddenly with no message or log, that's a problem on Mozilla's side. I think the rest is due to different versions of Java and/or poor programming practices on various websites. The reason I say this is that my son has had problems with both J2RE 1.4.2 and 1.5 with FireFox, so it does not seem to be realted to the JRE, and I've had it happen with all versions of 1.5, but not 1.4.2

My guess is that changing JREs will help with specific websites, but then the problem will still show up again, just at different websties. Just a guess on my part, though.

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