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Re: mounting external harddisk with fstab-sync as a non-root user

Didier Casse wrote:

   My FC3 box can recognize my external usb harddisk when I plug it
in. In gnome the icons pop up on the desktop but when I try to open it
to read it, it tells me that I do not have the permission to do it!!!

I realize that only root can read the /media/whatever_stuff which is mounted.

I would like to enable it for a normal user. How do I do this? Thanks
for the help

I mean I don't know the idea behind this but it's kind of silly that
only root is able to read an external harddrive.

The only root being able to mount external media was in the FC1 early FC2 days. I know from experience that this works very well in FC3. Only difference is that I use KDE, i doubt however that that is the issue.

Put in your usb drive, give it a few seconds to get 'loaded'. Then run the following commands and reply back with the output:

# tail /var/log/messages

Good luck

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