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Re: mounting external harddisk with fstab-sync as a non-root user

On 4/20/05, Arthur Pemberton <dalive flashmail com> wrote:
> Didier Casse wrote:
> >Hi,
> >    My FC3 box can recognize my external usb harddisk when I plug it
> >in. In gnome the icons pop up on the desktop but when I try to open it
> >to read it, it tells me that I do not have the permission to do it!!!
> >
> >I realize that only root can read the /media/whatever_stuff which is mounted.
> >
> >I would like to enable it for a normal user. How do I do this? Thanks
> >for the help
> >
> >I mean I don't know the idea behind this but it's kind of silly that
> >only root is able to read an external harddrive.
> >
> >
> >
> The only root being able to mount external media was in the FC1 early
> FC2 days. I know from experience that this works very well in FC3. Only
> difference is that I use KDE, i doubt however that that is the issue.

Dear Arthur,
                  It works fine... Everything is correctly mounted but
I have to be root to see the files on my external hard drive. I want
to be able to see the files as a NORMAL USER.


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