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Re: apache / php / mysql

Touriste wrote on 20/04/2005 08:44:

Hi all,

I have apache (2.0.52) installed and it works.
I managed to install phpmyadmin and it works.

if phpmyadmin is working then php must be working!

Mysql is running.

The problem is that php module seems to be here but refuses to works. If I edit /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf adding :
LoadModule php4_module /modules/libphp4.so
when I restart the server it says "already load php4_module [skipping]".

Okay, I remove the line, re-restart and no error. I put a php file and I have a blank page instead of the containt of my php script.

If you're getting a blank page rather than showing you the php code then its likely its running your php code but it doesn't output anything. Otherwise it would just show your raw php code.
Have you tried a simple print/echo statement?

Another question is where are the files generated when I create a database.

Well its stored in /var/lib/mysql but you should never really need to access these directly. Even if you're backing things up you're betting doing a mysql dump.


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