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Am Mi, den 20.04.2005 schrieb Richard Crawford um 15:46:

> > > > An example line for mounting an SMB share you find in the previous
> > > >
> > > > posting of this thread which you even quote yourself:
> > > > > > >//hagrid/path/to/music /home/richard/Music  smbfs
> > > > > > >uid=500,gid=504,fmask=777,password="xxxxxxxx" 0 0
> > > >
> > > > While I feel an "fmask=777" makes simply no sense. And the password
> > > > shouldn't be stored in the fstab but use of a credentials file should
> > > > be made. Please see "man mount" for more details.
> > >
> > > To be honest it's been something like three years since I set that up. 
> > > It seems to work just fine, though I can't remember if I really needed
> > > the fmask or not.  I'll revisit it.  Thanks for the tip.
> >
> > Ok :) I puzzled myself with fmask for fat mounts. While there fmask has
> > the meaning of an umask for files, with smbmount fmask stands for the
> > real permissions (=>umask=000).
> I may be misunderstanding you, but it looks like you're saying that with the 
> fmask=777 in my fstab line, then every file I write to the share should have 
> permissions 000.  I've been trying to figure out why they don't, and I think 
> it's because in my smb.conf file on the host machine, I've got "create mask = 
> 0664", which probably overrides the fmask rule in my fstab file.  Am I right?

Sorry, maybe I was not clear enough. The contradictory to your first
sentence is true. While for fat partition mounts the "fmask" options
stands for an umask - so fmask=777 there means umask=777 which means
chmod 000 - the smbmount manpage says that fmask there stands for the
real permissions. See "man 8 smbmount". This is in first line the
permission set for accessing shared files. The server side "create mask"
setting comes to play when you store new files in the share. Anyway what
you did use as option when mounting the share.


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