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Forwarding port 1433 to 22 via intermediary

I'm new to port forwarding, and I thought I had it down.  Apparently I haven't 
got it quite yet.

Now that I can use my Linux box at work to connect to our MS SQL Server 
database using dbbrowser (thanks, Philip!) I'm trying to figure out how to 
get to that server from home over port 22 via an intermediary host.  
Graphically, the setup looks like this:

ME <---port 22---> Linux Server (FC2) <--- 1433 ---> SQL Server

I had administrative privileges on the Linux server in the middle, and SSH 
access to it from home.  1433 is insecure and requires no authentication, but 
the database needs a login.  That's fine.  I've used the FC2 computer to 
connect to port 139 on a Solaris computer so that I can mount a remote Samba 
share on my home computer via SSH, but I can't suss out how to do it this 

Any hints?

Richard S. Crawford

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