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Re: Forwarding port 1433 to 22 via intermediary

Am Mi, den 20.04.2005 schrieb Richard Crawford um 15:56:

> I'm new to port forwarding, and I thought I had it down.  Apparently I haven't 
> got it quite yet.
> Now that I can use my Linux box at work to connect to our MS SQL Server 
> database using dbbrowser (thanks, Philip!) I'm trying to figure out how to 
> get to that server from home over port 22 via an intermediary host.  
> Graphically, the setup looks like this:
> ME <---port 22---> Linux Server (FC2) <--- 1433 ---> SQL Server
> I had administrative privileges on the Linux server in the middle, and SSH 
> access to it from home.  1433 is insecure and requires no authentication, but 
> the database needs a login.  That's fine.  I've used the FC2 computer to 
> connect to port 139 on a Solaris computer so that I can mount a remote Samba 
> share on my home computer via SSH, but I can't suss out how to do it this 
> time.

Though it is documentation for the commercial SSH product, it nicely
displays forwarding configuration with SSH (valid for OpenSSH too):


Hope it helps. I am not sure how you authenticate against the database.


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