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> Please stop shouting out in the subject line (all
> capitals means that).
> That is bad style.
>Please neither top-post nor send HTML formatted mails
to this list.

Geez, I forgot I was still in school, sorry teacher!

> And see Nigel's reply, permissions are a weapon for
> protection of
> properties. And it is you to understand how they are
> set and how to
> handle them. Its not the "rules" fault. "man mount"
> contains a lot of
> information needed.
> If you can't handle permissions, then Linux is
> certainly no OS for you
> (all NT based Windows® running NTFS neither; stick
> with Win98 then where
> each person is allowed to do everything).
> Alexander

Firstly if you actually read my original post, you
would have understood that I DO NOT WANT file
permissions, I don't care about them!

I realise that is a blasphemous statement in the Linux
community, but the news is that some people DO NOT
want it, understand?

Secondly I DO NOT need weapons or protection, and
NOWHERE in the license agreement does it say that I
HAVE to learn file permissions or go to Windows 98.

And thirdly, I'm not blaming the rules, and it's not a
case of I can't handle permissions, rather that there
is no simple option to drop the permissions (actually
there is if you want to read constantly for 3 days
without sleeping!).

FAT32 partitions DO NOT USE permissions, that is one
thing I like about them, however Fedora tries to force
it's fascist regime on it and screws things up.

One simple line in the main init file like:
would be fabulous!

It would solve 2 problems:

1. It makes Linux boot in "Friendly Workstation" mode,
no passwords, no UID GID crap, and no security (which
a user can add later if he/she wishes). and..

2. It makes the Linux dweeb feel like they have
something larger than a cocktail frank in their pants.

I mean, aren't computers supposed to make life easier?

How does wading through pages and pages of endless
gobbledygook make life easier?  Sort of defeats the
whole purpose if you ask me.

And don't bother flaming me because I am unregistering
from the list, removing Fedora from my computers, and
moving to a more stable (non-perpetual beta) OS which
gave me less headaches and stress.

Bye Bye :)

(by the way this is NOT aimed at the friendly,
non-condescending people who have been a real help in
the past, you have all been great and I thankyou)

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