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Re: How do I configure YUM to work through a proxy?

Sorry, I do not have "quoting" figured out.  So to your first comment "No it's not".  This could apply to either my statement that my box is on a private work or to my statement that yp2date fonnt ends YUM or APT.  In the former case, your reply is wrong.  My box, in fact, IS on a private network.  In the latter case your response is technically correct.  The "default" behavior is still supported by up2date.  But, this being a forum dedicated to Fedora, and with Red Hat not supporting any Fedora channels, the default option does not work.  So, while technically correct, your response is not responsive.

On your second response suggesting I consult the MAN page.  I consulted the MAN page before posting.  I checked by reviewing the MAN page after your post.  There is nothing in the MAN page for the version of YUM (2.1.11-3) that ships with Base Fedora Core Release 3 on the items you mention.  After your post I guessed that the format for the "http_proxy" environment variable documented in the the APT man pages would work.  It did.  That allowed me to "patch up" my box, which took about a day.  The MAN page for the "patched up" verion of YUM (2.2.0-0.fc3) does include documentation on the items you indicate.  To save others from this Catch 22, here is the format for the "http_proxy" environment variable:  "http://[[user][:pass] ]host[:port]/".  This format is still not documented in the "yum.conf" man page and "host:port", which is what I would have guessed, does not work.

On your third response about up2date and yum being not related, it was worth a try given that it only took a couple of minutes to try and I had already exhausted all the more likely alternatives.  Up2date does mess with YUM in the sense that it overrides yum's standard configuration files with information from "sources" so I thioght it possible that up2date could somehow proxy for yum.  

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