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Re: C++ programing

On Thu, 2005-04-21 at 16:17 -0700, eran wrote:
> Hello,


> I wrote a simple C++ programe. Then I tried to compile it with g++ .

You should consider asking that either/both on the:

- gcc/g++ mailing list or discuss place (forum, newsgroup,...)
- C++ _beginners_ mailing list or discuss place.

That is _not_ specific to Fedora at all. :-)

>  The it tell some error massage.When I remove the .h extension in
> heder file decraration it reduced the error massage but it is still
> remain. Please send me a deatailed description about this problem.

And when you report your problem to them, send yourself details first,
before asking some detailed answers. You did not even told about  the
error messages you got.

>  Please consider me as a beginner to linux.

I did.

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