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Re: Printer configuration - HP 3550

John Wendel wrote:
I'm having no luck setting up an HP 3550 color laserjet. This is a cheap P.O.S. that doesn't support postscript, so it needs to use a rasterizer, like ghostscript.

I ran the printer configuration utility and didn't find HP 3550 in the list of printers, bad sign. So I went to linuxprinting.org, checked the specs that said the printer works perfectly, and downloaded a PPD file. After installing the PPD, the printer showed up in the config list.

I just purchased a HP printer and I followed the instructions that HP had to install the drivers and it worked like a dream. I have only had one problem with it. HP at least seems to support Linux much better than any other provider that I have looked at.

I would start here.

And here.

One thing I noticed when I purchased my printer is that there are HP printers that have the same number but use different drivers depending on if they are a BusinessJet or DeskJet.

Robin Laing

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