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Mapping Swap Partition Devices to Labels

I maintain the Linux Documentation Project HOWTO on bare metal
As part of that, I maintain some scripts that detect hard drive setup
and in turn build other scripts to reconstruct hard drive setup.

I see that a fresh installation of FC3 will use a label to mount a
swap partition. I can examine an ext[2|3]fs partition with dumpe2fs to
determine its label, if any, or given a mounted partition, go from a
device to its label. However, swap partitions do not show up in mount
(for very good reason).

If I know I only have one swap partition, then scanning fstab gives me
the label. However, if I have multiple swap partitions, scanning fstab
is not enough. The labels for FC3 seem to be of the form "SWAP-hda5"
for /dev/hda5, but if I assume that form in my scripts, I am dependent
on that form continuing into the future. I am also dependent on system
builders other than Anaconda using that form, a dubious proposition.

Is there any tool that lets me read the label from any partition at
all, or from swap partitions in specific?

Thank you.


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