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Re: LDAP or ALIASES: Which is more efficient

Am Do, den 21.04.2005 schrieb subscribed-lists sterndata com um 20:44:

> I've been asked to look into building an email forwarding system to support
> "branded" email addresses. It's forwarding only. There will be no real
> mailboxes, nor will users have id/passwords on the system.
> So, I'm planning a set level of spam filtering using SpamAssassin and using
> ClamAV and milter-greylist to keep out most of the nastiness.
> I am lucky in that we already have the target email addresses in LDAP. I also
> have the data in a nearby SQL server. I've been reading sendmail docs and some
> O'Reilly books and I'm wondering if LDAP is really the right way to go.  Is it
> more or less efficient that generating a new aliases file every X minutes?
> Which way would you go?

LDAP routing will be fine.



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