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Re: LDAP or ALIASES: Which is more efficient

subscribed-lists sterndata com wrote:
I've been asked to look into building an email forwarding system to support
"branded" email addresses. It's forwarding only. There will be no real
mailboxes, nor will users have id/passwords on the system.

So, I'm planning a set level of spam filtering using SpamAssassin and using
ClamAV and milter-greylist to keep out most of the nastiness.

I am lucky in that we already have the target email addresses in LDAP. I also
have the data in a nearby SQL server. I've been reading sendmail docs and some
O'Reilly books and I'm wondering if LDAP is really the right way to go.  Is it
more or less efficient that generating a new aliases file every X minutes?

Which way would you go?

Using LDAP might be way more managable and simpler solution. Check LDAP mail routing part of /usr/share/sendmail-cf/README. It may be perfect fit for what you need to do. You'd simply define a user, assing a set of addresses for him/her, and place target address in mailRoutingAddress attribute. And voila, off it goes. Check that section in README file for more cool details.

If you decide to go with files on the disk (and recreate them periodicaly with info from LDAP database), my advice is not to use aliases file. Especially not if you need to manage more than one domain. Save yourself some trouble. Use virtusertables.

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