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Re: While we are on the topic of multimedia...

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Pat Pleate wrote:

>I was using the "Red Hat Linux 9 Bible" and didn't
>find anything about creating DVD snapshots and/or
>As a common courtesy and for being honest, I'm asking
>first to see if:
>1. Is this illegal if it's for my own, personal use?

I'm not a lawyer, but as long as you have paid for the materials in
question and will not be sharing the copies I believe it is legal

>2. What Linux/FC3 application exists for doing DVD
>ripping? Is there an app on the FC3 CDs, and if so,
>which is it? If not, are there any free apps for
>doing that (I Googled, found one thing, tried to make
>it work, but had ran into "you need this" issues that
>I couldn't resolve).
There are a couple of ways to get a DVD "ripped" and burnt.  You could
utilize mencoder, part of the mplayer package, to rip the dvd into a
variety of formats and then use dvdrecord to put it onto a different
DVD.  Or you could just utilize dd and dvdrecord to perform the same
task.  If you have a DVD play and a seperate DVD recorder you could
also use something like K3B to rip from the source DVD straight to the
destination DVD...I think!

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Aaron M. Hirsch

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