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Re: While we are on the topic of multimedia...

Pat Pleate wrote:
I was using the "Red Hat Linux 9 Bible" and didn't
find anything about creating DVD snapshots and/or
As a common courtesy and for being honest, I'm asking
first to see if:
1. Is this illegal if it's for my own, personal use?
2. What Linux/FC3 application exists for doing DVD
ripping?  Is there an app on the FC3 CDs, and if so,
which is it?  If not, are there any free apps for
doing that (I Googled, found one thing, tried to make
it work, but had ran into "you need this" issues that
I couldn't resolve).

I can DVD copy on a Windoze-based machine, but want to
DVD rip on FC3.  Is this possible (more than likely
yes, but does it require paying out some cash)?

Thank you in advance for your response(s).

Copy and Rip in my opinion are different. A copy is the exact same and I believe that K3b can do that out of the box. To rip, you will need a few things that are not part of the normal CD/DVD package. Ensure your machine can play DVD's by installing the multimedia stuff which is another topic.

Fedora Multimedia Installation HOWTO

Then you can use mplayer/mencoder/DVDRip/transcode to rip and convert DVD's to what you want. I have only used mencoder and mplayer.

Robin Laing

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