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Re: i just did a rm -rf /*r as root!!!

On Thu, 21 Apr 2005 16:11:40 -0700
"bruce" <bedouglas earthlink net> wrote

> i do indeed have /var...
> i'm also downloading the FC2 rescue cd... i was under the impression that
> there is some way that you can recreate/install the inode, and capture the
> information, to essentially undo the 'rm -rf'. i haven't done anything with
> the system, other than look at the information using 'debugfs'....
> any ideas/comments from people who've been here before....

I, personally, would not trust the re-built system. Too much chance it
would look like it was working but be dumping something important down a
black hole or ten somewhere I'm not watching.

I would try to get the most important of the data and settings back. (A
link useful for this kind of thing has been mentioned, there are others
if you search.) I might even get a new drive so I could keep the botched
drive around for a while in case there was something important I'd
forgotten. Other than that, I'd just rebuild the system from scratch.

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