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Re: email app i can use

On 4/21/05, Alexander Dalloz <ad+lists uni-x org> wrote:
> Am Fr, den 22.04.2005 schrieb jim lawrence um 3:42:
> > Is there a email app i can use on my Fc box so that if someone wanted
> > to email me from my web site, it could go to a specific inbox? Since i
> > host my own site.
> > I prefer not to use a online mail, or my other email accounts.  Does
> > sendmail do this?
> > Jim Lawrence
> I guess what you are looking for is something called "formmail". It is a
> formula on your webpage where a visitor can fill in his name / email
> address / what else personal data and his feedback content. And this is
> then by pushing a send button to a special email account at you. You can
> either create such a thing your own with little perl code or get one of
> the many from the net. 
I'll look around thanks

But be aware: keep care not to install yourself
> something which enables spammers to misuse your host then for sending
> spam through your website.

I had thought about that very same issue after i posted. 


Jim Lawrence
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