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RE: i just did a rm -rf /*r as root!!!


i have the rescue cd. i can see the /usr/bin on the rescue cd, and i can
copy it to the new '/usr/bin' on the system where i did the 'rm -rf...'.

my question, is once i do this, how/what do i need to do to get back the
rest of the system... when i compare the '/usr/bin' on a FC3 resuce cd, with
the FC3 '/usr/bin' dir, i see a great deal of difference in the number of

or should i just get the FC2 iso cds and do a reinstall. keep in mind that
i've made a lot of chanegs, new rpms, updates, etc... and i'd rather not
blow those away.

i have an ext3 file system.

bedouglas earthlink net

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From: Michael Hennebry [mailto:hennebry web cs ndsu nodak edu]
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Subject: Re: i just did a rm -rf /*r as root!!!

On Thu, 21 Apr 2005, bruce wrote:
> i stupidly just did a 'rm -rf /*r' and i understand that there's no way to
> redo/undo this command.. it seems to have blown away my /usr/bin dir..
> although, for all i know, i may have screwed up a lot more...
> my question, is there someway that i can reinstall the /usr/bin dir.. or
> i pretty much f*ed up. i have fedora core 2.
> this is a critical system that i was putting alot of things on.. i haven't
> done anything else to the box after my mistake..

Whatever else you do, do backups now.  Apparently you didn't before.
The most straight-forward thing to do is to reinstall and then copy
data from the backups.
As others have noted, if your data is in a partition separate from
/usr and /var,  you should be able to do a reinstall without destroying
your data.  Back up anyway.

If you data are among the victims and were not backed up,
you have a problem.  You will need to try undeletion.
Check the result carefully.
Back it up.  Proceed as before.

BTW /var might still there, but that doesn't mean that it is intact.

Mike   hennebry web cs ndsu NoDak edu

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