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Re: HOWTO Install apache-2.0.53 mysql-4.1.10 and PHP-5.03


Thanks for the comments!


My site is offline!

I'm trying to get it back online, but if not, i'm going to post the script here (after the remake, of course!).

I'ts already updated to install:

apache 2.0.54
php 5.0.4
MySQL 4.1.11 w/MaxDB

So, I'll try to get it online... Give me a week... 

I'm glad the script helps!

By the way, i'm studying the posibility of making an RPM but since fedora IV is gonna have all this things installed already, well... no point on the effort!

What do you think about this?

By the way, my alternate email is [email]renich gmx net[/email]

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