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Re: Clearing the URL line in Firefox

On 4/22/05, clemens dwf com <clemens dwf com> wrote:
> In previous versions of Mozilla, you could clear the URL
> by moving the cursor to the URL in the Navigation line,
> and they typing <ctl>U .  Anywhere else the <ctl>U brought
> up the source for the window it was in.
> With Firefox, this no longer works.
> Is there a way to configure FireFox so it works again
> (hint, it would be a REAL NICE feature to have back in the code)
> Its a real pain in the ass, with LONNNNG URLs to have to backup
> move the cursor to the end, backup again, and again, and again.
> A simple ^U could do it all at once...


I ran across this extension the other day that allows you to open a
URL on the clipboard by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+V (or whatever combination
you choose)


Kevin Old
kevinold gmail com

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