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Re: Best Newsreader for Fedora

On 4/22/05, Neal Wilkinson <forums lists comcast net> wrote:
> What is everyones favorite newsreader? The reader in Thunderbird kept
> forgetting my password and Knode downloads headers and won't display
> them and then blows up. What is a good newsreader to get?

The newsreader in Mozilla Suite works quite reliably for me and
never forgets passwords.  Have you checked the Thunderbird bugzilla
to see if the password issue you see may be a known issue?
Perhaps just use Mozilla in the mean time (you'll need to install
both the mozilla and mozilla-mail packages).

Others have mentioned pan, which seems to work pretty well,
but I wish it had a bit more polish and small features.

FC3 also comes with slrn (not installed by default), which is good
if you need a non-GUI command-line reader.  It also can pull
down entire groups to do offline reading.

And of course, the Emacs editor also has a built in news reader
(only useful for emacs-gods).

Choosing a newsreader has a lot to do if you're in text-only
groups, groups with HTML, and/or in binary groups.  Moz is
great, except it doesn't handle martipart binaries (which aren't
officially standard anyway, but they exist).

Deron Meranda

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