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Re: What's the best way to make an update cd for FC3?

Arthur Pemberton wrote:

I was looking at the process for updating the FC3 distro cds: http://fedoranews.org/contributors/gene_czarcinski/update_distro/

But that is a lengthy process, esp. as it requires the downloading of approximately 9 ISO files. I'm not sure if I can spare than much bandwidth (and wait so long). So I'm asking: What is the best way to produce an update cd that will update the system afer it has been installed from the normal i386 cds?

Thank you.

Keep downloading the latest rpm update packages into a directory of your system (This is to be your local repository), this can be achived by using wget, and then use yum to point to that local directory to do the update for you automatically.
I am at work and my machine is set to do that at home, so can not give you details, you can use google to find the use of wget (key word "wget manual" and "wget commands"), for using yum to update from your local repository, go to fedoranews.org and you will find the articles.

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