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Re: a medley of USB bugs

On Fri, Apr 22, 2005 at 06:42:10PM -0700, Tom Trebisky wrote:
> Someone has got to be embarrased by the tale that follows....
> Honest, all I wanted to do was read the images from a flash card
> from my digital camera, honest.....

A follow up to my own post,  I just dug out a PS/2 mouse and
now everything goes smooth.  As I type, I am now reading the
images from the third card (and all I do is plug and unplug)
without a hitch.  The whole grim scenario (and several hours
of banging my head against the wall) previously described is
due to some evil interaction between my usb mouse and my usb
flash card reader.  Apparently I do not have a USB bus, but
rather a USB port alongside a USB booby-trap.

It has now taken me 5 minutes to do what I had spent 2 hours
in frustration trying and getting nowhere.  Now if I can
just burn a CD under FC3!


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